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Ahhhhh...Lucie.  What a dear.  Adorable, affectionate, silly, sweet and such a looker!  How I LOVE doodles with white splashes - I find them almost 'not real' with their stuffed teddy bear look.  :+)  


Clary, Lucie's mom, would crack me up every time I saw her because her toothy grin of happiness always made me laugh out loud.


And Lucie's daddy Hobbs?  Well, if there was ever a doodle that thought he was the mayor of his town - that would be Hobbs!!  Adored by the hundreds for his social graces and impossibly cute demeanor, Hobbs is the 'attraction' to many children, as well as adults, when he travels with his daddy's giant 'blow up' party and playground equipment business.  You simply cannot beat these temperaments!!


  • DOB:  June 7, 2020 from a mating of Great Rock's Clary McFadden of ADNE and ADNE's Force of Hobbit aka Hobbs.

  • Color DNA is BBEe, KB/Ky, D/D, at/at, S/Sp - Lucie  can produce black & cream/apricot.  She will also express the patterns of Phantom, Parti and Abstracts dependent on who she is mated with.

  • HIPS:  PH is .37/.40 with an eVet evaluation of 'Good'.


  • Patellae and Elbows were evaluated as 'NORMAL' through eVet as well.


  • OFA Legg Calves-Perthes - NORMAL.  

  • OFA Eye Certification - NORMAL.  #HY-EYE5696/9F-VPI


  • HEMOLIFE - Thyroid is NORMAL. #HML171072


  • OFA Auscultation PRELIM Heart is NORMAL.
    Done April 3, 2022.


  • Cleared By Parental DNA for:  Incorrect Coat, Progressive Rod Atrophy, Degenerative Myopathy, von Willebrand's Disease, Exercised Induced Collapse,

Words from Lucie’s guardians...

Sweet and friendly best describe Lucie. Lucie loves pups and people and wants to greet them all, making new friends wherever she goes.  She heads out eagerly each day on a mission to see the world, her tail curled above her, waving jauntily like a flag in the breeze.


We met Lucie in the summer of 2021 when we embarked on a search for a non-shedding dog, which was necessary due to an allergy in the family. With the high demand for canine companionship at the time, finding any dog, much less a non-allergic one, was a challenge. 


Serendipitously, a friend reminded us she is a guardian home for a labradoodle sire (Hobbs), whose dam (Clary) had just had puppies. We contacted Joyce, who had a long waitlist for a regular purchase, but said she would consider us for a guardian home if she decided to keep one of Clary's puppies.


Of course, Joyce fell in love with Lucie and decided to place her for a guardianship. We fell in love with her as well, so thrilled not only to have a dog that met our requirements, but this particular beautiful & lovable pup.


You can see in Lucie's lovely demeanor that Joyce, the owner of Annabelle Doodles, does indeed breed for temperament. Trainable and eager to please, Lucie has been the perfect dog for our first-time dog owning family. We can not imagine our household without her cheerful, cuddly presence. From snuggling while a family member is reading a book, exercising with those on the move, to 'helping' clean the house, Lucie is in the thick of every activity. Always eager for adventure, she is at the door the minute we move toward it.


Life is not all play, Lucie takes her jobs very seriously, including making sure important personages do not go by our house unnoticed. Highly attuned to nuance, and sensing without actually seeing, Lucie has various responses depending on who is passing by. The UPS man, who leaves treats, is exciting; but when one of her friends is outside - she is over the moon with eagerness! A little critter, such as a squirrel, chipmunk, bird or rabbit, needs a special sort of warning as do visitors to our security-focused neighbor's house, who is thrilled to share the skills of a watchdog next door.


Lucie especially loves children and is always gentle. She is excellent at observing cues from both children and dogs as to when the other party wants to roughhouse, and when it is time for peaceful, calm interaction.


We feel so fortunate to have such a loveable, huggable, friendly pup. We are always being told by other dog owners how lucky we are to have her – like we don't know that!

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