ADNE Elsie Malloy

     Finally, all the testing done on this adorable miniature have come in and Elsie will join the ADNE family.  She is a dear and I am sure her little pups will fill many owners with laughter and mayhem! 
     When the family came to meet the litter, I was smitten by how much she favored the children in hair color.  Elsie seemed to fit right in.


  • Date of Birth:  March 31, 2017.  A mating of Tango Wool Bo Didley and ADNE's Hazel Mae. Both parents are non-shedding and very friendly with excellent temperaments.

  • Size/Color/Coat:  Elsie is a miniature Australian Labradoodle sporting an apricot, non-shedding coat of gentle curls.  She is a fleece coated doodle.

  • Pattern DNA - Elsie is BBee, Ky/Ky, at/at, IC Clear, S/S (no parti), EIC - Normal.  


On April 12, 2018, the following tests were done. 

Elsie was one year:

  • Hips: eVet rated as 'Good' in conformation.  P/H scores are .51/.45 - above average.

  • OFA - Patellae are Normal.  #HY-PA1871/12F/P-VPI

  • OFA - Legg-Calves-Perthes - Normal, no disease recognized.  #LP79/12F-VPI 

  • OFA - (eye exam)  is Normal.  #HY-EYE1342/11F-VPI

  • OFA - No evidence of congenital cardiac disease.  #HY-CA2283/12F/C-VPI-ECHO

  • OFA - No evidence of Thyroid Disease. Normal.  #HY-TH518/12F-PI 

  • 4/6/18 - Blood Work showed all normal levels. 

Cleared By Parents for the following diseases:

  • Progressive Rod Atrophy

  • von Willebrand Disease

  • Degenerative Myopathy

Words from Elsie’s guardians...

     Our boys have always wanted a dog, but our younger son has allergies and we never thought dogs were an option. After a little research we decided a "doodle" might work for us.  We contacted Joyce and saw that Elsie was available. Joyce invited us to visit to make sure the allergies didn't kick in and thank goodness they didn't!

     A few weeks later we brought Elsie back to her new home and she has become an important part of our family ever since.

     She's a cheerful puppy who is always ready for a tummy rub or a good play session. She loves to get out and run whether at the beach or through a woodsy trail.  Without fail we are stopped on walks and asked about her wonderful color (which also matches the color of
our sons' hair) and her happy personality. Elsie goes into a full body wag with anticipation when she meets dogs or people.

     At home, she is a sweet puppy who loves to find a high perch on the back of a couch and watch the day go by. She is a truly joyful companion.