ADNE Thaddeus Dood

When Thaddeus was whelped, I was so excited to have my first phantom marked puppy.  I had been color DNA planning for quite some time and my goal to produce phantoms in the future was becoming a reality.  Since Thad's birth, I have been fortunate enough to purchase an additional male and a female from two unrelated breeding programs to hopefully produce more of them in the future.  My fingers are crossed that these new purchases will pass my testing protocol as well as Thaddeus has!


  • Date of Birth:  7-11-2017.  A mating of ADNE Lil Abner x 'Gunny'.  Both parents are non-shedding.

  • Size/Color/Coat:  Thad is a 17 inch , 25.8 lb. black and tan phantom with a wavy fleece coat.  DNA Color Code is - BbEe, Ky/Ky, at/at, no parti genes. Incorrect Coat is Normal.

  • Cleared by Parents for the following through DNA test results:  Degenerative Myopathy, Exercised Induced Collapse, von Willenbrand Disease, Progressive Rod Atrophy


  • Thyroid/Blood Work and TgAA - Done 7-16-18 is all normal with TgAA at 1%. Hemolife Labs HML#123305.  OFA#HY-TH528/12M-PI

  • Hip Results:  Done 7/16/18 PennHIP is .32/.30. Radiologic Diagnosis from eVet shows Normal Pelvis and Elbows with hips rated as 'Excellent' in conformation.

  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - Normal. 
    OFA  #HY-PA1988/12M-VPI

  • Legg-Calves-Perthes - Normal.  OFA #HY-LP82/12M-VPI

  • Cardiac:  ECHO & Auscultation was Normal on 10/28/18.  OFA #HY-ACA72/15M-VPI

  • Eyes: 10/28/18.  Extra Eyelashes; otherwise Normal. OFA#HY-EYE1731/15M-VPI

Words from Thaddeus’ guardian...

    When I was considering getting a dog, I had some particular considerations, allergies being the most significant.  I also live in a small ranch house and, though I have a good-sized yard for play, I wanted a smaller dog that would “fit” my house and not be something of a bull in a China shop.  I did a considerable amount of research relative to allergies and began to focus-in on doodles.  Then, for some months, I made a point of approaching every doodle and doodle owner I encountered to interact with the dogs and discuss the allergy issue with the owner as well get a sense of temperament and energy level, etc.  I quickly came to the conclusion that a labradoodle (and particularly, an Australian Labradoodle) was the dog for me.  I researched local breeders and settled on Annabelle Doodles, partly because of proximity, but, primarily because I appreciated Joyce’s more natural approach to breeding in general.

    Then it was merely an issue of size.  As I said, I wanted a dog to fit my space.  Also, I’m getting a little older myself and wanted a dog that was small enough for me to lift comfortably.  On the other hand, I also wanted a dog that was big enough to run and play with me and to keep up.  Originally, I had Joyce put me on a list for a “medium” litter.  However, after meeting a number of labradoodles in my neighborhood and around town, I began to be concerned that, if my medium turned out to be of the larger variety, it may be considerably bigger than I wanted.  At the time (rather coincidentally), Joyce had a new litter of miniatures that included a phantom (black with brown) that she was interested in placing as a potential stud.  She guesstimated that this particular pup’s ultimate weight would be about 28lbs.  That seemed about the perfect size for me and I jumped at the chance to be the guardian of Thaddeus Dood.  

    That was a year ago and Thaddy is now the little man about my house.  I work at home and so he and I spend considerable time taking breaks in the yard playing ball or frisbee.  He has a tendency to want to hang onto his toys and not return them to me but Cheerios work wonders and he will fetch and return his frisbee all day for a little “o” reward.  He is energetic and ready to go out and play any time but not before sitting obediently at the door to allow me to put on his collar.  He’s very good with other dogs and wants to play, play, play with them.  He can be cautious and protective when first meeting new people but, in a matter of seconds, or a minute or two, he is hopping all around them, tail wagging like mad.  I suspect partly because of his nature and partly because of training, he rarely ever barks.  As energetic as he is, he also enjoys quiet time and will snooze or occupy himself with a toy while I read or play music.  He’s incredibly well behaved, smart as a whip and a wonderful companion.


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