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ADNE Force of Hobbit


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings. Force of Hobbit, aka Hobbs, is one of those dogs that prove this statement true. The care and knowledge of his breeder shine through in his temperament and his looks, and we’ve enjoyed watching his personality develop as a cherished member of our family.


Since he was coming into a household with three other dogs (one intact mastiff of 165 pounds and two quirky Jack Russell Terriers), four horses, pigs, and an assorted flock of chickens and ducks, we had to be sure that Hobbs could fit into our somewhat complicated family dynamic. Turns out that he was just what the doctor ordered!


He’s best friends with the gentle mastiff; respectful of the elder terrier; and takes no guff from our aggressive little “terrier-ist.” And in his travels as our business’s unofficial mascot, he’s never met a dog he didn’t get along with. He’ll offer a friendly sniff to the horses and he doesn’t chase the chickens - unless they are “accidentally” in his path when he’s running.


Hobbs is highly food-motivated and trainable, but does have selective hearing when he’s in really deep “concentration.” He loves to travel and meet new people, and he behaves beautifully for the groomer.


Hobbs is a striking dog. We can’t take him anywhere without being stopped so people can stroke him and look into his soulful eyes. His beautiful coat doesn’t shed a hair, and when you scoop him up for a hug, he settles his soft body right into yours like he belongs there.


If you gather a group of children around Hobbs, he quietly enjoys their attention without jumping, biting, or licking. While he is always joyful and happy, he is not overly excitable. He could stay outside all day long – sometimes just sitting and sniffing the breeze, and he’ll *usually* come when you call him inside.


Everyone who meets this precious dog loves him, and most importantly, in our home, Force of Hobbit brought "order to the galaxy.”



  • DOB: December 30, 2018 from a mating of Miss Daisy Mae Duke to ADNE Thaddeus Dood. 

  • Color DNA is Bbee, KB/Ky, at/at, SS.  Expresses a deep apricot color but carries phantom but not parti. (Breeder Info)

  • HIPS - PennHIP score is R .35, L .38. eVet Diagnostics rate his hips as EXCELLENT at one year of age.

  • OFA Patellar Certification #HY-PA3081/12M/P-VPI is NORMAL.​

  • OFA Eye Certification #HY-EYE2579/9M-VPI is NORMAL.

  • OFA Legg-Calve-Perthes Certification #HY-LP165/12M-VPI is NORMAL.

  • OFA Cardiac Auscultation Prelim is Normal and will be ECHO certified in April 2020

  • GENSOL EIC (Exercised Induced Collapse) - CLEAR & NORMAL #428299

  • THYROID is NORMAL done with Hemolife Labs #HML141822 at one year.  TgAA is 2.

  • Cleared By Parental DNA for:  Progressive Rod Atrophy (PRA), Degenerative Myopathy (DM), Incorrect Coat (IC) and von Willebrand's Disease (vWD).

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