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To my great delight I was able to purchase this little nugget from Marci of Tango Wool Labradoodles.  I took a trip down to eastern Massachusetts and watched the litter for a bit before making my choice.  It was between her and a sweet little boy but I really wanted a female.  A couple weeks later, I brought JONNIE CACHE to Maine.  Didn't take long to be blessed with a guardian inquiry from a familiar family who was ready for a second doodle from ADNE!  It was a perfect fit!



  • Date of Birth is May 18, 2018 from Tango Wool's 'Over the Rainbow' aka Toto and  Tango Wool's 'Pennies from Heaven' aka Billie. Both parental pedigrees and test results will be included in buyer booklets.  

  • Size/Color/Coat:  Jonnie is a true miniature black and tan phantom who is about 15 inches in height and 20 lbs.  Her fleece coat is soft and silky with a bit of gentle curls.

  • Pattern DNA for interested breeders is:  BbEe, DD, Em/m, S/Sp, Ky/Ky, at/at,

  • Hips:  PH is .43/.42 above average, eVet prelim OFA rating is Good with normal Elbows.

  • OFA Patellea: Normal - OFA HY-PA2473/12F/P-VPI

  • OFA Legg-Calves-Perthes: Normal - OFA HY-P95/12F-VPI

  • OFA Cardiac: Normal - OFA HY-CA2920/12F/C-VPI


  • THYROID: Normal.  No evidence of thyroid disease.  #HML 134805

Cleared by Parents for the following diseases:

  • PRA - Progressive Rod Atrophy

  • vWD - von Willebrand Disease

  • DM - Degenerative Myopathy

Words from Jonnie’s guardians...

Nine years ago we started the search for the right family-dog.  With three young children, we had a long list of requirements.  After extensive research, we discovered ADNE and fell in love with these doodles.  We waited for one of the liters and eventually adopted Murphy Tucker.  

Murphy immediately became part of our family.  He is a loving, gentle, kind doodle, who will do anything for a tennis ball.  When Murphy turned 6, we started discussions about adding another doodle to the family.  We went back to ADNE and searched for the next litter.


At the time, there weren’t any puppies to adopt.  However, Joyce asked if we would be a guardian to a little girl.  She sent us a picture of Jonnie Cache, and it was love at first sight.  We went down to meet Jonnie, and knew it was the right fit.  Even Murphy approved.  So Jonnie became part of our family.

Jonnie is such a fun, loving little girl.  Jonnie spent many of her puppy days at puppy camp – socializing with other dogs and learning her manners.  She enjoys meeting new dogs and playing.  She spends the warm months at the lake, chasing Murphy and is starting to enjoy swimming, like Murphy. 


Every morning Jonnie and Murphy play together.  They adore one another. She is a typical little sister and loves to antagonize Murphy until he agrees to play. Jonnie is full of energy and loves to take walks with the kids, run around, and be with people.  She is also a cuddler.  When we sit, Jonnie usually jumps up on our lap to be loved. She also loves to curl up next to the kids when they are sleeping. Jonnie has fit right in with our family.  

Jonnie Murphy Lake.jpg
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