Thank you for your interest in our beautiful puppies. Our litters are bred for very low

to non-shedding qualities  as well as excellent temperaments. Each puppy is the result

of a very unique breeding program that encompasses the best breeding criteria

which includes health, temperament and breed diversity.

ADNE Labradoodle puppies cost $2,750.00

Please check out our Guardian Program for monetary benefits

Please note: There is no possible way to guarantee your pup will be a particular height or weight.

Yes, knowing the size of the parents is helpful but the genes/traits being passed down cannot be

100% controlled in animals or humans. There will always be a range of probabilities. 

I breed primarily for miniatures and mediums. 20 to 38 lbs. +/-

To prevent genetic bottlenecks, our goal is to develop Multigenerational Labradoodles using Australian, American and proven historic breed bloodlines. All our breeding dogs are extensively health tested to the highest degree available. Although preliminary O.F.A. hip scores are fine for determining a possible breeding prospect in your program, an O.F.A. certified score (or PennHip) should be done . We also do annual eye CERF's, Thyroid with the genetic TgAA portion, Blood & Chemical tests along with O.F.A. certified x-rays for Elbows, Patellas, Legg Calves Perthes and Heart. Our breeding dogs must also be free from von Willandbrand Disease either by blood tests or proven parental clearances. Ask to see test scores personally on the official organization's letterhead. Just because a dog is tested, does not mean it passed!

We raise all our litters until they are 9 weeks old. This is so that we can pass on the following benefits to our customers.

  • Articles and vets typically use 6 months for spaying. Actually, studies prove a year is the best time for any neuter/spay procedures. There really is no health benefit UNLESS you wait for a year or more. However, many pet owners do not want a female to go into a heat cycle or a male to develop 'marking tendencies' by waiting that long so ADNE does Early Spay and Neuter at 8 or so weeks.

FYI: ADNE policies represent a significant savings to you and prevents unwanted pregnancies.

  • Eye issues are prevalent in all the breeds that comprise the Labradoodle. I pay to have every one of my puppies eye CERF'd by a professional Canine Ophthalmologist.

FYI: If a problem exists, I know it and so do you. We talk prior to purchase and come to an agreement on how to proceed.

  • A professional dog trainer is hired to assess the litter and match applications to pups.

FYI: Both you and I know that the pup picked for you is the best possible match for temperament, energy and type based on your detailed application. It was not determined by who put a deposit down first or if one person is getting the 'pick of the litter'. Each of you are getting the pick of the litter for your lifestyle!

  • I typically perform Early Neurological Stimulation for 16 days on each pup beginning on its third day of life.

FYI: Utilizing a program designed to provide stimuli to help pups develop a higher ability to deal with life's stresses gives your pup a great start to become the best he/she can be.

  • There are numerous vet visits with the first being the removal of dew claws and a general health check up at a day old. I welcome the holistic approach to develop a strong immune system in pups. Optimally, that would mean no vaccines before 14 weeks but I also realize that is not always an option for people. Each pup will have a Distemper and Parvo vaccine at 8 weeks UNLESS I have a client that wishes to wait, please let me know. Using a holistic vet will offer you a 'gentler and just as effective' vaccine protocol. There will be several parasite checks and normal puppy exams.

FYI: This goes against most traditional vet protocols but I feel is the best course of action to take for a healthy life. The Rabies vaccine should not be given until your pup is just prior to 6 months of age and not in combination with any other vaccine or flea treatment/Heartguard pill to prevent a possible reaction and to not overtax the immune system. The choice is obviously yours to make.

  • Our dogs and puppies are raised on an organic raw diet along with fresh veggies organic eggs and herbal supplements.  I also include either Life's Abundance or FROMM GOLD kibble.

FYI: This is the most time consuming as well as expensive and nutritious diet available. They all thrive and develop beautifully on it.

  • I spend lots of time on litter box training and sometimes doggie door training when weather allows.

FYI: Litter box training is a great benefit to people that live in buildings/cities and have limited yard space. A balcony with a litter box serves very well for a bathroom.

  • There are a number of critical periods puppies go through that can affect them forever in a negative way. Keeping and navigating the pups through some of these critical times can prevent phobias from developing.

FYI: This is very valuable for those new owners who have not had the opportunity to work with pups/dogs before. It can prevent a lot of mistakes. Working with a trainer is vital to developing a great companion dog and I require that you take your pup to two completed obedience programs during it's first year. Neglecting to do so voids our contract and warranty!


I spend enormous amounts of time scheduling visits for you to meet and play with my dogs and pups. Yes, it does present a risk, but I prefer that my customers see where and how the pups are raised. The benefits far outweigh the risks, as long as my protocol is followed to the letter. I have nothing to hide and the pups and you have everything to gain. Many facilities do not allow any visitors to their premises at all and you just don't really know what kind of environment they were raised in.


Temperament speaks volumes. A pup is a reflection of it's parentage. I believe our puppy price is the sum of well tested parents with a clear pedigree; and a clean and solid program. Careful selection of complementary personalities with an exceptional diet and quality vet care are part of this equation. Good confirmation and proof of healthy generations shows strength in our lines. Include environmental stimulation, socialization, car rides and lots of love and you begin to understand the cost involved in purchasing an Annabelle Doodle. It is not about price - it is about commitment to the development of a quality pet.


Our price does not include shipping charges. These are extra and done entirely by you, the buyer.  To save time for you, I will meet you at either airport for the following additional charges:  $75.00 for Manchester Airport in N. H. and $50.00 for Portland Jetport in Portland, Maine. Please note: I do NOT ship puppies! You must fly here and fly with your pup to its home.

Our phone number is (207) 676-5579 (EASTERN TIME ZONE). During the spring and summer months, we are outdoors a lot, so please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.


Please Note: The State of Maine has a 5% tax on any pup sold to a Maine resident.

This is an additional $125.00 (sorry!) added to the price of your pup.


If you are not able to pick up your pup when it is ready, we do charge an additional $25.00 per day 'puppy care' expense. This is offered on a very limited basis and not always available. It is advised if you cannot come on Pick Up Day, you have a plan in place for someone to come and get your puppy - preferably a certified trainer. You do have the option of waiting for another litter. It is always best to check calendars carefully when deciding on adding a canine companion to your family.


Additional Questions?  Email: joycetabor@gmail.com   OR  Phone (Eastern Time): 207-676-5579

We are committed to providing you honest answers to questions, proof of a healthy puppy and a properly documented lineage. If an unfortunate situation should arise and you cannot keep your dog, we require that you contact us FIRST for assistance. Please note that under no circumstances should your dog be placed in an animal shelter.


Contact us for appointment

Please note that we do allow visitations

to meet our dogs but you must fill out

an application and follow our safety

requirements. You are under no obligation.



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