In loving memory
of Annabelle Potts
We are a boutique breeder of 
Mini and Medium Labradoodles
in Southern Maine offering
limited litters per year 

By design and intention, we are a small but exclusive, breeding program. You will rarely find us raising several litters at once.

 Our strong focus on customer service requires visits to our home for puppy socialization with the litter you are purchasing a pup from - a benefit for you and the puppies!

Our goal is to always improve on this hybrid through
education, research and health testing.  

ADNE requires children to be 6 years or older to be considered for a puppy at the suggestion of our trainer. 

Ms. Sadie Benz x Percy Jaxon

I made the decision to step a tad outside the breeding box and mate Sadie to our second generation Cockapoo, Jaxon.  

You may not know that an Australian Labradoodle is a combination of at least three breeds:  Lab, Poodle and Spaniel. Jaxon is a small guy of about 20 lbs., does not shed and has a happy and joyful personality.  Lives with twin girls and goes camping often with his family.  



What does a WAIT LIST mean?

In almost every litter I have had, someone has to cancel due to life issues - timing, sickness, moving, etc.


 If you sent in an application and it is in the Wait List File, you are the people I contact FIRST if someone cancels. I contact you based on if there is a 'puppy match' per your application. 

There is no obligation; HOWEVER, any new applications need to be aware that my wait list for a puppy at this time, is a full year.



Skye, below is our latest hopeful breeder for ADNE.  She is a true miniature with the funniest personality.  She is full grown now and has passed her testing criteria.


'Skye's the Limit' is a true miniature size Australian Labradoodle of about 18 lbs. and 15 inches in height.  If bred to either Hobbs or Duckie will produce a litter of pups that will mature to under 20 lbs.  Great for traveling or flying in a plane.  She is mischievous, friendly, smart and cuddly.  An adorable little imp!! 



The mating of Ms. Sadie Benz (left) and Percy Jaxon (right) should produce a litter ranging from about 20 to 27 lbs in weight and 15 to 18 inches in height dependent on which puppy favors which parent.  White spotting may occur on some pups as Jaxon tends to produce them.  You can see pics of puppies produced from Jaxon on The AnnaBlog Index.  Look for the litter from Camden & Jaxon.


This current mating was a 'Hail Mary' as Jaxon's sperm is frozen at my vets and we did not know if it would be successful.  Happily, we look forward to some soft, curly coats in a variety of colors. :+)


Please note - I am a small, hobby breeder who has roughly five litters a year.  If you are in a hurry for a pup, you need to seek a larger breeding facility that has multiple litters at the same time.  Also, you may notice I am a believer in DNA diversity and open stud books so do not have the AKC mentality of 'cloning' a litter.  My reason to go back into breeding (I bred AKC Golden Retrievers decades ago) was to work with and continue to develop a new breed candidate for health and temperament with DNA diversity which is why I embrace this wonderful hybrid.  

I also love and promote black Australian Labradoodles!  Many pup buyers prefer any other color but black.  I suggest you find a breeder that chooses a pairing that will avoid this color. My preference is a litter producing multiple colors and working with clients that are flexible on both color and gender.  Personality and temperament will ALWAYS trump color or gender when I am assigning pups to families.  



My intensions are to breed Skye (left) and Elsie (right) sometime in 2022.  At the moment, I am considering Duckie Mallard for Skye and vin Diesel for Elsie.  Of course, plans can and do change.  

Skye is a true mini of roughly 17 lbs. and Elsie is a small doodle of about 25 lbs.  The potential studs are of appropriate size for these girls.

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