In loving memory
of Annabelle Potts
We are a boutique breeder of 
Mini and Medium Labradoodles
in Southern Maine offering
limited litters per year 

By design and intention, we are a small but exclusive, breeding program. You will rarely find us raising several litters at once.

 Our strong focus on customer service requires visits to our home for puppy socialization with the litter you are purchasing a pup from - a benefit for you and the puppies!

Our goal is to always improve on this hybrid through
education, research and health testing.  



Annabelle Doodles will have our first litter for 2020 in the beginning of February.  Little Jonnie Cache is having a whooper of a litter (8 to 10) according to her ultra sound.  

Keep checking the AnnaBlog for miniature puppies going home in the beginning of April.

The Jonnie x Duckie litter will be all phantom patterned puppies in either black and tan or chocolate and tan and around 18 to 22 lbs at maturity.


 Sadie x Boomer Litter of medium sized puppies (28 to 32 lbs.) in colors of black, chocolate or cream - full. 

These pups will have a go home date of around early to mid May is my best guess.

 REMEMBER:  All go home dates are subject to change!!

What does a WAIT LIST mean?

In almost every litter I have had, someone has to cancel due to life issues - timing, sickness, moving, etc.


 If you send in an application and it is in the Wait List File, you are the people I contact FIRST if someone cancels. I contact you based on the date I received your application. Otherwise, I open up the availability to
Mr/Mrs Public.

There is no obligation.  If the pup has been born and vet checked, I will ask for a $500 deposit at that time -

never before.

Mother Nature gave me a present!  Sadie has been in heat and was bred to Boomer on Thursday, January 9 of 2020!  Sadie (left) with Boomer (right) will produce medium size (28 to 32 lbs.), non-shedding pups with fleece coats in 
colors of Black, Chocolate/Lavender and Cream for May placement.
Accepting applications for the 'Wait List' only at this time.


Duckie, on left and Jonnie (rt.) will be having a rather large litter of miniatures! The pups will all be phantoms in black/apricot or chocolate/tan.  Some will have white markings. They should all mature to under 22 lbs.  All will have curly fleece coats.  

List is closed but you can send in an application for my 'Wait List' file and you will be contacted if an opportunity becomes available. Please check my AnnaBlog for additional breeders that have puppies available for you to consider.  :+)

You can see an Ultra Sound picture of one of their pups on the AnnaBlog!  Check it out, it is so amazing to see these tiny 'blobs'.  When watching it in real time, you can actually see the little heart beating like a tiny twinkle.  :+)

Carbon 60 is one of the most powerful antioxidants discovered in the world today.  PWR, 'Propelling Wellness Research' was conceived to promote a healthful alternative that will reverse and prevent disease for both humans and animals.  Learn much by clicking the link/pic below.  Read the post on the AnnaBlog for a personal experience.


Our strategy as breeders and our commitment

to achieving

top quality pups.




Contact us for appointment

Please note that we do allow visitations

to meet our dogs but you must fill out

an application and follow our safety

requirements. You are under no obligation.



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