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Thank you for your interest in our puppies! 

We hope some of your questions will be answered

by reading below.  Please note that once an application

is received and accepted, you will be contacted

and kept abreast of pregnancies, deliveries and puppy status. 


COLOR: We DNA color test our breeding dogs in order to predict the color of the puppies.  Our girls produce primarily creams, apricots, reds, blacks, parti patterns , phantoms and chocolates.  You can expect many of the chocolates to lighten to cafe' au lait or lavender; and reds to lighten to apricot.

SIZE:  The expected size of our pups will be considered mini's to small mediums which generally grow from about 15 to under 18 inches at their shoulders and weigh from about 12 to 38 pounds.  Males typically grow a bit taller and heavier than the females. 

A TIDBIT ABOUT GENERATIONS:  There is lots of confusion about generations. A brief explanation is this: 'F' simply means Filial.  An F-1 is the first litter between the mating of a pure Poodle and pure Lab. F-2 and F-3 mean the second and third generation after the foundation parents (first mating) of the Lab and Poodle (and in the case of Australians, any other breed infusions).

(i.e.)  Annabelle's American parents were the first generation (F-1), she is the second (F-2) and her pups are the third (F-3 = American Multigen).  In the case of F-2B -this means a second generation parent was backcrossed (or bred back to) a Poodle (or other foundation breed) which is what the 'B' represents.  I hope that clears things a little.


  • Once our puppies are born and vet checked, all approved applicants are notified. 

  • Our males and females are under a SpaySecure contract which you must sign and agree to before their adoption. 

  • Puppies are matched to application requests by our trainer who visits the pups at 7 weeks of age. Although gender and personal preferences are taken into consideration, the evaluation tests done by my trainer determines placement. You will be notified if your request is not a match from this particular litter and given the choice to wait for the next one, if you desire. If you do not wish to wait, we will refund you 100%.  Our experience has proven that many new owners fall in love with a 'look' rather than a 'match' and pick out a pup that is not suited to them - hence the intervention of a canine professional. 

SHIPPING: WE DO NOT SHIP! Please work with another breeder.

  • Our Puppy Application Form allows us to get to know you (and your family). It is designed with a lot of questions and an area for you to write to us about your family, your type of  lifestyle and how you hope your life will be enriched owning a Labradoodle. It also helps us determine if you are ready to spend the time, energy, training and costs associated with raising a puppy to become a well-adjusted member of your family.

  • We strongly suggest you read our Contract and Health Warranty carefully as it outlines what is covered and the procedures necessary for recovery, if ever necessary. Anyone purchasing a puppy from us will need to sign this form which contains all agreements between each party. This form has been designed to protect seller, buyer and puppy.

Please note that we DO NOT want a deposit with your application! When a litter has been born and enough pups are available, I will ask for a $500 deposit payable by personal check made out to ANNABELLE DOODLES OF NEW ENGLAND. We do not accept credit cards or Paypal. The balance of the pup is due at 7 weeks of age via a personal check or Postal Money Orders.  No exceptions.  You may not know which pup is yours at the time the balance is due.  If you are uncomfortable with this policy, I am not the breeder for you.

We make every effort to ensure our puppies are the healthiest possible. There are no absolute guarantees, but by health testing our breeding dogs extensively and requiring our breeding pairs to be free of inherent defects, we do our best to avoid any potential hereditary problems being passed onto the puppies. It must be noted however, that if you allow your dog to become overweight, our guarantee of health will be voided. Overweight dogs are the foremost reason for hip and arthritic problems! 


Which one 

will be yours?

Everyone has that burning question -

which one will be ours?? This has been asked many times, so here is a 'refresher' on our procedures. 

I, too, am very excited that everyone is anxious to know about their puppy, but the professional trainer that I hire to assess each pup needs a week to finish her very extensive evaluations.  Those applicants that are open to all pups make the match-making process easier than those with specifics.  In either situation, I will ask for full payment when the pups are 7 weeks.  If you are unhappy with your assigned pup, I am happy to refund you 100% and you can then work with a breeder with a different policy than I have.

When you come for visits (after they are 4 weeks old), you can leave me a note of 3 of your personal favorites (the list usually changes often!) and we 'cross our fingers' that one of your choices fits your family. This procedure has always served me best and has great results.  It is not a guarantee!


Rule of Thumb



     I generally feed ADNE pups FROMM GOLD PUPPY in the pink bag.​  Right after they eat, take them outdoors with a treat or two in your hand to give them when they potty outdoors - might take 10 minutes or less, so be prepared with the proper clothing/boots on. Treat immediately after a pee or poop and wait till they finish each process to give them praise and a treat. You will need to take them out after playing as well.
     Remember to ALWAYS take them out of the crate first thing in the morning QUIETLY. Snap the leash on as you are carrying outdoors and THEN talk to them in a high pitched voice to excite them into pottying, then treat. Pups potty a lot! Just about every hour and a half - two hours depending on what you are doing with them. Think newborn babies and you will understand.  

     Remember to take them out to potty BEFORE putting them in a crate/safe area for nap or settle time. Give them a Kong with a bit of cream cheese/peanut butter/with Cheerios or the like, for entertainment to help them get interested in settling. A good chew bone is also a great alternative but AVOID anything that is a chewable rawhide! Not a good idea - bad for digestion. Don't give them anything smoked - natural is best.

     Always plan for the worse when traveling - so paper towels, hand sanitizer, water/bowl, toys and extra leashes are a must. This group seems to do exceptionally well traveling but it has been as a group. There is safety and comfort in numbers.

     Expect your pup to be vocal for a few nights as well as during the day when crated. They prefer running around but that would be detrimental to training and set you back. Keep to a reasonable schedule and you will do far better. There is one on the AnnaBlog Index under the Pup Supply List title.

     Be patient, consistent, kind but firm, so your pup knows his position, the safe zones and what to expect.

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