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ASSIGNMENTS - The process with which pups are chosen for you.

Here is a rundown on the process and why you should always work with a breeder that you agree

on their philosophy before getting on a list.  It saves much time and disappointment.

  1. No, you cannot choose your pup; however, you can give me three preferences within the litter
    that appeal to you.

  2. Yes, I do consider your gender preference.  I understand the reasons for wanting a girl - she does
    not pee on your shrubs; however, she DOES turn your grass yellow.  Believe it or not, males can be
    taught to not raise their leg to urinate!  You will never see a working service dog lift their leg to
    'go'.  They are taught to squat, just like the females.  Search for training service dogs to squat
    rather than lift their leg.

  3. It so happens that sometimes, the three preferences you liked are not as well suited for your
    family as one that missed your list.  Most people want the pup that comes to them first, or lies
    in their arms quietly or is the 'right' color.  Those are not the reasons to bring a dog into your
    family.  That pup that came out to 'greet' you could be the most confident pup in the litter and
    will run circles around you if you do not have enough dog experience to understand his
    'language'.  It could then make your life miserable because it has become the 'boss' and dictates
    your life.  Not a good match for those that have a soft personality or inexperienced.  The one
    that lies in your lap may be very docile and you think 'isn't this great for the kids'? No, that pup
    would be tormented by a family with active busy schedules.  It could end up a biter because he
    has the wrong environment for HIS needs.  Color is the very LAST consideration I make and will
    typically refuse an application that wants 'only red or chocolate, etc'.  I produce mostly assorted
    colors in my litters.  I always suggest that a person who 'only wants a certain color' finds a breeder that allows them to choose and to select from a litter that is dominant in the color you prefer.  I hear 'I don't want black' all the time. The blacks are my personal favorite and I breed for that color in most of my matings. If you don't want black, please search for another breeder that breeds away from that color. I don't want to disappoint you if the best pup for your family happens to be a black one.

  4. I go for Temperament Testing on my litters between 7 and 8 weeks depending on our schedules.  When that day is selected, I post it on the AnnaBlog.  I call you once I receive the write ups (up to three days or so later) and assign you the pup.  If you are not happy, PLEASE tell me and I will refund your money 100%.  I want all my customers to be 'over the moon' happy with their new companion. You should not 'settle' either but stay the course to find exactly what you want. I have no issue with this at all!  My goal is to find a great doodle for your family but we won't always see eye to eye.  I so appreciate people who will give me an honest answer because I want my pups to have loving, caring families and that is my only goal.

  5. I never assign pups 'in the order I receive a deposit or application'.  They are assigned so that each family is provided with the best choice for them and the environment they will live in.

  6. Rarely will I ever sell a puppy to anyone who has not visited our home to meet me and vice verse.  It is a requirement. I enjoy your visits and the pups benefit greatly meeting new people of all shapes and sizes. 

I hope this post provides everyone with a clear understanding of how our process works.  It is not for everyone but it has worked beautifully for the many years I have been breeding Australian  Labradoodles.   

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