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ADNE is a 'boutique' breeder of quality Labradoodle puppies. We are a small but exclusive breeding program by design and intention. You will not find us raising several litters at once for sale as our goal is to always improve on this hybrid through education, research and health testing. Much time is spent on raising ONE litter with detailed attention to customer service with a strong focus on puppy socialization through client visits at our home where each litter is raised. To that end, we believe that in order to produce healthy, happy, well adjusted and socialized puppies, it is necessary to . . .

  • Spend many hours on pedigree research to balance temperament, coat and size. 

  • Keep linebreeding and inbreeding to a minimum which will be verified by pedigree.

  • Utilize SpaySECURE to ensure all pups will be sterilized in the appropriate timeframe as specified in your pet contract.  This assures ADNE that no pup sold by us will be used for breeding purposes.

  • Many times our pups go through a stimulous program called Early Neurological Stimulation.  (Please research and read, it is very worthwhile.)

  • Have each and every pup's placement be determined by the expertise of our trainer


to fit into your lifestyle as described in your application.  It is  

extremely important that you understand that personality not  'looks' determine

the best puppy for you and your family.  It is  necessary that you be willing to work within three choices.

  • There will be times when a pup is suggested NOT within these choices.

  • Do recent and appropriate testing of the parent dogs - see Current Breeders in my AnnaBlog.

  • Kept for 9 weeks, have their initial vaccine, are doggie door trained, sleep from approximately 10 pm to 5:30 am in their crate area, microchipped and very well adjusted to house noises.

We are committed to you to provide honest answers to questions, proof of a healthy puppy and a properly documented lineage. If an unfortunate situation should arise and you cannot keep your dog, we require that you contact us FIRST for assistance. Please note that under no circumstances should your dog be placed in an animal shelter.

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Why Annabelle Doodles of New England?

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