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Allergies & Shedding

According to statistics, approximately 15% of people react from some type of pet allergy. Whether your response is triggered by their saliva, urine, dander or clinging airborne allergens on their coats, it is very unpleasant.  There are breeds of dogs that have the potential to be more 'allergy friendly' than others and the Labradoodle is one of them. Please note however, not  ALL Labradoodles can provide this relief from allergic responses. It is very important that you visit both puppy coated and adult coated Labradoodles prior to purchase. A family with allergies needs to be more diligent in their research so that both the new pet and the new owners will live harmoniously. Nothing is sadder than having to re-home a puppy you have fallen in love with due to an allergic reaction to it.


Coats & Grooming

All our breeding dogs are very low to non-shedding.  The probability that most of the puppies will be non-shedding is very, very high, but there is always the possibility of a 'light shedder' due to the Lab genes or coat type in general.  You may get a few dead hairs which may loosen on dark cloth, or you may see some hair when you sweep your floors, but not when you pat our dogs. Neither do you get hair all over your hands or see 'puffs' of hair flying around. 

Some info:

  • With a curly coated dog, the amount of maintenance still favors the Poodle genes. It would be highly probable that routine grooming will be necessary to keep your dog looking its best.  Your wavy coated dogs will be less maintenance and would do best with a weekly brushing. 

  • Most pups will go through a 'transition stage' which occurs from around 9 months and can last for almost two years.  It will be necessary to clip your dog during most of this time until this phase is done.  Yanking and pulling on your dog's coat can have a lasting, unpleasant memory that will prevent grooming from being a wonderful bonding time.  I have found the best length is just under one inch.  If you don't do this, your dog will have to be shaved to the skin to get rid of the mats that have developed.  Trust me, this is NOT attractive and can cause 'anxiety licking' from the friction of the blades.  This could become a lifetime issue.  Take your pup to a groomer routinely just for a 'Hello', ear cleaning or nail clipping.  Get the pup used to the handling and allow your groomer to become familiar with your dog.  It will save its coat, prevent stress, control matting issues and become a joyful event rather than an anxious one.  Don't wait, start early BEFORE coat problems begin.

  • My experience is that the adult coat arrives between two and three years.  At this point, a bi-monthly brushing is all that is necessary. Coat length is a personal preference.

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