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How do I define a pure Australian Labradoodle?


There is so much confusion as to what defines an Australian Labradoodle!

“I only want a 'pure' Australian Labradoodle.” Do you really know what one is? Or is your decision based on the marketing hype rather than the qualifications of the puppy? Please copy and paste the link below about how the co-founders that developed this wonderful breed allowed greed to cloud their judgement and future. What might have begun as a 'research center' turned into an Australian puppy farm(s). This is not to say that the original intent was not a good one, it does say that money, not health, became their focus when 'Designer Dog' became a household word. As a conscientious breeder, I would be remiss if I did not allow the public to draw their own conclusions regarding this link.


The history as we know it: Originally, it was the mating of a Labrador and a Poodle (hybrid) done by an Aussie for a blind woman whose husband had allergies. The original hybrid dogs were then sold to Australian breeders. These dogs were then infused (or bred) with other breeds and hybrids (Spoodles) to become a 'three or more' breed combination which is necessary to eventually become an accepted breed in the AKC. Clever marketing called this version an 'Australian Labradoodle' or 'Designer Dog' and U. S. breeders were told it was a secret recipe. DNA research done in the U.S. has revealed that some lines of the Australian Labradoodle differ from the 'Original' (hybrid) version by the addition of the Spoodles (Cockapoos) and other breeds at appropriate times creating a mixed breed dog that was then cleverly deemed a 'Designer Breed' very much like the Cockapoo, which is considered the first Designer Dog Breed in the K-9 community.  Neither the Cockapoo/Spoodle/Australian Labradoodle is consider an officially recognized breed by the AKC.  (Please note that a new club has decided to call the Australian Labradoodle an 'American Cobberdog'.  I DO NOT embrace this name at all and have NO association with this confusing direction!)

The Australian Labradoodle is not 'just a mix'. In the beginning, this wonderful hybrid was 'purpose bred' for health, temperament, low shedding and vitality. Let's not lose this vision. I believe it is critical to keep the multiple breed recipe in the Australian Labradoodle intact by selectively blending unrelated, healthy, tested stock for genetic integrity. In-breeding or excessive line breeding will diminish this as it has done to the AKC breeds. Don't be fooled by a 'label'. Only quality stock with careful and minimal repetition of lines has the best chance of producing both vigor and sound temperaments.

Producing Australian Labradoodle puppies of stout health, confirmation and emotional stability requires appropriately balanced parent stock dogs, quality care and a dedication to the purpose of the breed. The standard should not be determined solely by a place of origin, but rather a representation of the wholesomeness of the purpose bred parents. To strive toward these standards, responsible breeders ask themselves questions such as: 'Does this dog have a stable and sweet temperament? Is it a good representation of the breed's conformation? Is the coat low to non-shedding? Do the pups show trainability and intuition? Does it have the proper breed make up for the recipe of Labrador, Poodle, American or English Cocker Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel or Spoodle blend?'


A genuine Australian Labradoodle (Hybrid) has all of these qualities regardless of where it was bred or who bred it.

WHY Annabelle Doodles of New England doesn't belong to any registries:


With registries, organizations, clubs, etc. there is always politics. I love participating in the various discussions, but choose not to be an active member at this time. To expand on the registries, they do have a function - especially to inform breeders about the Labradoodle breed standards and to provide guidelines for conducting your business professionally. 


Annabelle Doodles of New England absolutely strives to improve the Labradoodle. How? With careful complimentary matings that are balanced; using pedigrees that are clean and not closely inbred; and by having uncompromising ethics that govern my program. The guidelines used by the registries are helpful but my program has always been to keep the original reason for producing Labradoodles - hybrid vigor, health and temperament! Yes, a low to non-shedding coat is a definite plus, but that was never the only reason for breeding Labradoodles. 


With regard to our professionalism, we welcome any potential client who desires to talk with our past puppy owners to discuss our integrity or customer service.  

ADNE sizes:   MINI: 20 to 27 lbs.  MEDIUM:  28 to 40 lbs.  
ADNE does not breed for standard size doodles.

Association Logos - Know what they offer you


What do association logos really mean? Take the time to find out about testing qualifications and which tests are required or merely suggested - it makes a difference. Compare those answers with what my program gives you for testing proof, ethics, guarantees and puppy benefits/ services.


Logos? No, I don't have association club icons all over my website - instead I have testing proof. All results are shown below each breeding dog's name under the 'Breeders Tab' on the Home Page of the website. Each certified test has a qualification number; some tests have a genetic DNA indicator of the result. To me, having the actual identification numbers of a test done is far more transparent than a club decal of which you have no idea what it represents in actual test scores. I cannot stress enough to anyone purchasing a puppy to request that you see proof of all testing claimed on a website. It has been my unfortunate experience to find some websites very misleading and without proof especially with the term 'parental clearances'. Ask to see proof of all the testing when you visit your breeder or request they mail (email/scan) copies to you before you put a deposit down.


I welcome questions or concerns about any test and my vet is happy to talk to you as well. As always, our owners receive a copy of each individual test done on their pup's parents in the puppy's packet.

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