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Why be a guardian home for ADNE?

When I am assessing a litter, it is always in my best interest to keep one or two pups to consider for breeding stock. A guardian home candidate gets the 'cream of the crop' which is the pup with the best coat, confirmation, temperament, head shape, intelligence and trainability. I begin the screening process early - and then add more testing after a year of growth. Once I have the testing results, I then plan her/his breeding strategy. This screening continues with annual eye exams and blood tests while in our program.  Do they always pass my stringent testing protocol? No. When they don't, you still obtained the best candidate in the litter. (Every contract is custom made for each guardian and confidential.)

Below is a short breakdown to be a Guardian Home at Annabelle Doodles of New England. A more explicit and detailed contract is drawn up for signatures.

  • A fenced yard is preferred.

  • A ‘stay at home parent’ or one who works only part time, or working parents that can provide doggie daycare 2 to 3 times per week or a daily dog walker.

  • Experienced dog owners or people willing to take classes with positive training philosophies do best with Labradoodles as they tend to be
    soft natured

  • Live near Dover, New Hampshire where Broadview Animal Hospital's reproduction facility is located.  If you do not live on my way towards Dover (through Somersworth), you must bring the Guardian Home doodle to my home in North Berwick, Maine or meet me at the Dover office.

  • Can provide routine professional grooming.

  • A willingness to transport to me as needed for vet testing appointments and breeding


  • A good communicator that has a flexible nature


  • Contracts for females are generally for three litters at my discretion (Dam is away from the family for approximately 6 weeks). Once a week visits to the dam are welcomed. Also, 'play dates' for the dam to visit back with their family is encouraged during her time away. Our male guardian dogs have a longer contract but are only needed for a few hours at a time.



  • Guardian Home doodles are prenamed and must be used due to the extensive paperwork and testing protocol done under that name.

A refundable 'Administrative Fee' of $1,500.00 (half pet cost) is required.  If the pup passes my testing protocol (which is Breeder's cost) and the guardian has met all contract requirements, this 'Administrative Fee' is returned to you. Studs are used for five years or so. If guardian pup does not pass my criteria but is healthy, you will owe the balance of the original ($3,000) puppy cost which is $1,500 and Breeder will pay for the sterilization surgery.

All guardian dogs remain with you and your family if contract is met. 

Please contact Joyce at Annabelle Doodles of New England if you are interested in joining our guardian program.

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