ADNE Okie Boomer

Okie Boomer was named after the Oakland Boomer football team. His dad is an avid fan. Boomer is a black abstract. He has a white lightning bolt on his chest and white goatee. A little guy of about 28 lbs, he's a 'mini' stud in size only. He definitely is going to like his job here at ADNE. I'm so happy that Boomer has made the cut for my program. His guardians are so in love with this boy and are hopeful to see baby 'Boomers' in the future.

His soft, silky, curling fleece is delightful to snuggle with and Boomer could not be happier when sharing it with anyone who sinks their hands into it.


  • Date of Birth:  March 31, 2016.  Tango Wool's Bo Didley and our Hazel Mae are the proud parents of this sweet boy!  Bo is the 'greeter' at his guardians bed and breakfast and his manners are impeccable.  Sweet Hazel has the same perfect temperament.  Loves people, kids and other animals.  Boomer is about 17 inches and 27 lbs. Both parents have a non shedding fleece coat.  Boomer's color and pattern DNA is:  BbEe - Black carrying cream and chocolate.

  • He also carries the parti gene.  Pattern is:  Kb/Ky, aw/at, S/sp.  Normal for Incorrect Coat but is a carrier for EIC.

  • Progressive Rod Atrophy - ID# 59832 is Normal through GenSol Labs. 

  • OFA Eye Exam - on 8/3/18 is Normal.  OFA#HY-EYE1488/12M-VPI

  • OFA Legg-Calve-Perthes is Normal.  OFA#HY-LP80/12M-VPI

  • OFA ECHOcardiogram - on 8/7/18  is Normal. OFA#HY-CA2397/12M/C-VPI-ECHO

  • Cleared through Parental DNA for: von Willebrand's Disease

  • Thyroid -  5/5/18 HML# 120221 through Hemolife is Normal.  TgAA is  >1

  • Hip Structure - 4/30/18 PennHIP at 13 months is .29/.31. Dr. Wallace eVet is rated as 'Good'.

  • Patellae is Normal per eVet.

Words from Boomer’s Guardians...

When my husband and I were looking for an addition to our family, we weren’t really sure where to start! I met a gentleman who had been a previous guardian family for ADNE and LOVED it, he had a wonderful experience with nothing but the most positive reviews. At the time, I had no idea what a guardian family was, nor what it entailed. I began my venture gaining insight and calling Joyce for information and advice. We quickly decided this was the route for us! Mr. Boomer came into our lives on April 1st, 2017 (His birthday), and we took him home late early June!


From the beginning Boomer was the most loving, cuddly and curious little doodle. He quickly adapted to his new home and slept through the night on the first night home! Boomer become the newest member to our family which consisted of an older sister, a 7-year-old rescue and 2 cats. Boomer’s personality is fun, outgoing, friendly and an overall hoot to be around!


Boomer impressed the trainers very early on with his attention to detail and eye contact. Boomer was the top of both his classes and will continue on to get his Canine Good Citizen. 


Our dogs, especially Boomer are the center of our world. He enjoys long walks, playing fetch and his newest sport…SWIMMING! Boomer is an outstanding swimmer and can’t wait to get down to the water on most days! While Boomer has plenty of energy to go around, he is also very content relaxing and watching TV while chewing a bone! Boomer loves playing with other dogs, kids, cats and of course US, his humans! We could not be happier that Boomer has come into our lives and brought such joy and happiness, we hope he can provide some future doodles to make the lives of other families just as full!


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