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I was so fortunate to keep back two puppies from the Boomer x Gunny litter.  Both guardians have been awesome as well. Diesel lives about a half hour away from me which makes it very convenient and has a huge yard to play in but his guardians state he would rather be next to his 'mom' because he loves the attention.  When she is not there, he becomes a daddy's boy.  Guess he has the best of both worlds!

Diesel has strong boning which makes him very solid in structure but his temperament is all sensitive and cuddly.  He is also calm and collected. Loves sitting on your lap.  :+)


  • Date of Birth:  6/19/19.  ADNE Okie Boomer and our Minnie Mc Guinness lovingly known as 'GUNNY' are the proud parents of this sweet boy!  Diesel is friendly and very handsome with an outstanding silky black non shedding coat.  His color and pattern DNA is:  BbEe - Black carrying cream and chocolate.  Diesel also carries the parti gene.  Pattern is:  Kb/Ky, at/at, S/sp.  Incorrect Coat carrier.

  • Progressive Rod Atrophy - ID# 178217 is Normal through DDC Labs. 

  • Exercise Induced Collapse Test - Normal thru DDC Labs.

  • von Willebrand's Disease Type 1 is Normal thru DDC Labs.

  • Degenerative Myelopathy Test - Normal thru DDC Labs.

  • OFA Eye Exam - Pending fall 2020.

  • OFA Legg-Calve-Perthes is Normal.  OFA#HY-LP181/12M-VPI

  • OFA ECHOcardiogram - Pending fall 2020.

  • Thyroid -  6/25/20 HML#146650 through Hemolife is Normal.  TgAA is  >1

  • Hip/Elbow/Patellae Structure - 6/22/20 PennHIP at 12 months is .52/.48.  eVet rated his hip structure as 'Good' with normal Elbows & Patellae.

Words from Diesel’s Guardians...

When asked to provide some comments from Teri, Diesel's guardian, her response was 'You don't need to ask me twice to boast about my fur baby!'  :+)

Diesel is a love. A cuddle bug.  He is a very sensitive boy. I have never experienced a dog that wants to be forgiven if he is being naughty.  If he thinks he is being a bad boy, he jumps into your arms and looks for hugs and forgiveness.  

He loves watching TV with us - especially if a dog is on TV.

Diesel loves playing 'keep away' with any item he thinks you may want.  He is also very gentle with our 15 month old grandson, who can hand feed him treats.

Diesel is very intuitive as well.  He knows to play gently with our 13 year old dog and knows he can rough house with our daughter's two year old doodle.

We know we have much more of his personality to explore as his intelligence and sweetness unfolds every day - just LOVE him!

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