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ADNE Duckie Mallard
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   Oh goodness!  This little man is just 'duckie'!  Fifteen (six months) pounds of adorable!!  I bet if he gets to 20 lbs, that would be pushing it.  I had been searching for quite some time for another miniature male stud hopeful now that Lil Abner is retired.  Happily, this little boy became available and the big bonus was that he is a chocolate and tan phantom that also carries for the parti gene - that made me smile.
   Although I had named him Credence, I decided to change it to DUCKIE MALLARD and he lives with another ADNE stud named Phineas T. Barnum and they get along great.  Big brother shows him the ropes and provides protection from creatures big and small that might scare Duckie.
   Lucky little pup also gets to join his friends weekly at his day care facility and they all love him there.  A friendly, willing to please kind of guy (definitely food motivated) he certainly is growing up happy and loved.  Let's keep asking the testing angels to gift him with great results in a few more months.


  • Date of Birth - 11/15/17.  A mating of Laradoodle Corral's Little Joe and Labradoodle Corral's S'mores.  Both parents non-shedding, curling fleece coats.

  • Size/Color Genes - Duckie is approximately 18 lbs and 16 inches.  Duckie is a chocolate and tan phantom and carries for the Parti gene as well. (bbEe, ky/ky, at/at, S/Sp)

  • HIPS - PennHIP done at 1 year is .40/.35.  Dr. Wallace of eVet  OFA prelim of  'GOOD'

  • Heart - ECHOcardiogram and Auscultation is NORMAL.  Done at 11 months.

  • Patellae - NORMAL.  OFA #HY-PA2171/12M/P-VPI 

  • OFA CAER Eye Exam - NORMAL.  OFA #HY-EYE1730/11M-VPI

  • Thyroid - NORMAL on 12/1/18. Hemolife #HML18256 

  • DNA Tests:  NORMAL for Degenerative Myelopathy, Incorrect Coat, Exercised Induced Collapse. von Willebrand's Disease - Type I and PRA - PRCD.

Words from Duckie’s guardian...

   It was over a year ago and our first ADNE Doodle, Phineas, had just turned 8 when our daughter, Abby, started the campaign for a mini Phinny.  After the joy Phinny has brought us,  along with how great Joyce is to work with and her quality standards and love for her dogs, we knew we had to call Joyce.  As luck would have it, just a couple months later Duckie arrived. It was love at first sight, at least for Billy, Abby and I.  Phineas didn’t think a lot of him at first.  Duckie showed us right away that although he was very small in size, he was huge in personality. We started finding shoes, slippers, and all of the dog toys go missing. We soon found out Duckie like to store them all under the bed where Phinny couldn’t fit.  

   One day as I sat in the living room I watched Duckie from underneath an ottoman grab one toy at a time and pull them under the ottoman as Phinny watched on growling under his breath.  Then only one toy remained and it was right in front of Phinny.  Coming out from under the ottoman all you saw was one paw reach out very slowly right in front of Phinny and pull the one last remaining toy under the ottoman.  Duckie then came out the other side with the last toy he had captured in his mouth and pranced around with great pride.  

   Duckie was determined to get Phinny to play with him and love him. He did not give up on Phinny, continuing to try to initiate play. Soon enough Phinny gave in and could not help but like him too. They are now best buds playing together all the time, and cuddling.

   Duckie is very mischievous and stubborn.  It is fortunate for us as we put him through training we quickly learned he’ll do anything for food. He was a very quick learner when food was involved. However, he is so smart and I think he has learned to act up just in order to get ‘cookies’. We also never have to worry wondering if Duckie wants something for he will certainly ask.  He talks in this little whine and makes it quite clear what he is after. 

   When Duckie isn’t up to his shenanigans he is such a cuddle-bug.  Sometimes I think he is part cat as he snuggles right in on our laps or is rubbing against my legs and sitting on my feet as I do the dishes.  He just loves to be touching someone.  It is not uncommon to wake up in the morning to find him sleeping on my head or snuggling under my chin.

   Duckie loves to play with all other dogs, but he is a little shy around people.  It takes a while for him to trust those he doesn’t know.  After folks have been around awhile he may get curious on his terms.  However, if the strangers offer up some food they become an instant friend at least until he has captured the food.

   We can’t imagine our home now without our boys, Phinny and our little Duckie.

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