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Sadie is the first pup I kept back for a possible breeder from her dear mother, Daisy.  She is a chip off the ol' block but in chocolate.  When her guardian mom, Brittany inquired about her, it was truly a perfect placement.  Not only does Sadie live very close to my vet in Rochester, I go right past their street on my way there!  It doesn't get better than that for convenience.  :+)

Sadie has two young ladies who adore her and she travels to school pretty much every day as mom drops off the youngest.  

Sadie also has a 'cottage by a lake'  to enjoy during vacation times and attends many hockey rink games.  This girl gets a lot of socialization!  She is beautiful in and out with a stunning fleece coat.


  • Date of Birth:  August 13, 2017 from a mating of Daisy and Emmett Piccolo.  Both parents are non shedding and friendly to all.  Sadie is 17 inches in height and weighs about 26 lbs.  She has a perfect wavy fleece coat that is still chocolate at over a year of age.  Sadie's color DNA and pattern is as follows:  bbEe, Kb/Ky, at/at.  She does not carry for parti but can express phantom if bred to the right mate.

  • Cleared by Parents through DNA test results for: Incorrect Coat, Exercise Induced Collapse, Degenerative Myelopathy, von Willenbrand's Disease and Progressive Rod Atrophy.

  • Thyroid: Normal through Hemolife #HML124509. TgAA is
    under 1.


  • Hip Structure:  PennHIP is .49/.49 and rated as prelim 'Good' through eVet.

  • Elbows:  No evidence of elbow dysplasia through eVet - Normal.

  • Eye Exam:  Normal OFA#HY-EYE1726/14F-VPI on 11/27/18

  • Heart:  Normal on Auscultation and ECHOcardiogram. OFA#HY-ACA71/14F-VPI

  • Leg-Calve-Perthes: Normal through OFA#HY-LP83/12F-PI

  • Patellae:  Normal OFA#HY-PA2030/12F/P-PI

Words from Sadie’s guardians...

After my parents adopted two labradoodles nearly 15 years ago I fell in love with the breed. Having grown up in Berwick and having labradoodles, we were made aware of ADNE and have enjoyed following her blog for years. As my own children started getting older and my husband and I contemplated the addition of a dog to our family, I knew it would be an ADNE doodle for our family. 

It seemed like fate that morning when I looked on the page and saw Ms Sadie Benz’s little face and after meeting her, I knew she was just right for our family. 

Sadie is the joy of our family. My husband is an early riser, around 5am and Sadie lays happily in her bed while he gets ready for work. She gets up with me and spends the morning downstairs following me about as I do my chores; but the moment I ask if she wants to go wake up 'her' girl she is upstairs and in my younger daughter’s bed before you can blink. 

My teenage daughter’s friends all insist on coming in to see Sadie. They love to pick her up and cuddle her and Sadie happily obliges, loving the attention. When they put her down she immediately looks for them to play her favorite game with her - ball! She loves to chase a bouncing ball and bring it right back. I must say while she brings it back she is not quick to drop it, because a good game of chase can’t be beat!

My younger daughter’s friends all know where we keep the Cheerios, Sadie’s favorite little treats. They need only open the jar and Sadie is there- sits, lies down and rolls over. Of course laughter ensues as the kids are delighted that Sadie can read their minds. 


Sadie is full of spunk around the kids, but most days while they are at school, she is home with me. She follows me from room to room as I work around the house and when I stay in one place long enough she curls up at my feet and relaxes. She rides with me as I pick them up and drop them off at their various activities - a great companion. 

In the evening, when everyone is finally home Sadie’s favorite words are “Want to cuddle?” She jumps up on the couch with whomever asked and curls right in. When my youngest was sick she never left her side, comforting her. 


Ms Sadie Benz is a constant delight in our family. I think best put by my daughter, “Can you even remember life without Sadie, what was the point?” 

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