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ADNE Bellamy
Bellamy pup.JPG

An outstanding pup right from the get-go. I was thrilled with the results from the breeding of Tango Wool's Jonnie Cache of ADNE with ADNE's Hobbs. I just knew those two breeding doodles were a great match. I was not disappointed in the least! The litter had pups with beautiful phantom markings and gorgeous coat quality, but the one that tickled my fancy was a pretty, solid colored female with a coal black nose and beseeching eyes - BELLAMY! For those of you familiar with the French language 'Belle Ami' means beautiful friend - and that she is. :+) 

STATS AND CERTIFICATIONS:                                           

  • DOB:  March 6, 2021 from a mating of Jonnie Cache and Hobbs (Force of Hobbit)

  • Color DNA is Bbee, Kb/Ky, at/at, S/S. Bellamy expresses a deep Apricot shade bordering Red.  She carries the Phantom gene but not the Parti gene.  


  • Hips: P/H score is .34/.33 and eVet opinion is 'GOOD' with Normal Elbows and Patellae.


  • OFA Eye Certification on 3/6/21 is NORMAL.  HY-EYE5653/12F-VPI.


  • OFA Heart Certification on 3/6/21 is NORMAL/CLEAR. HY-BCA2465/12F/C-VPI.


  • Thyroid with Hemolife Diagnostics is NORMAL.  HML168671


  • Cleared by Parental DNA Clearances for:  Incorrect Coat, Exercised Induced Collapse, Progressive Rod Atrophy, Von Willebrand's Disease and Degenerative Myopathy.

Words from Bellamy’s guardians...

We have been dog owners for 50+ years and always had large breed dogs but it was time to downsize. She is the perfect size - only 21 lbs.


She is the sweetest and most loving girl. She loves to cuddle in our laps and watch tv or simply sleep.


Bellamy gets along well with our three large cats, including a very large Maine Coon who isn't always very nice. Her best friend, however, is the chipmunk that she chases around and around in her yard.


Bellamy is also very smart. She did well in obedience but LOVES agility. We think she must have springs in her legs as she loves the jumps!


She is "Miss Congeniality" at the nursing home. She checks every open door and happily goes to anyone needing some TLC.


At the end of the day though, she is still mommy's girl. Our home is busy with people coming and going but everyone, even those non-dog people, love Bellamy.


She loves to ride. She can ride for hours and never a peep out of her. Her favorite ride is in the truck - nestled up against her Daddy.


We are so blessed to have Bellamy. She is the joy of our lives.

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