Great Rock’s Clary McFadden of ADNE

It was a great day when I received a call about a local family wanting to be a guardian for Clary.  The fact that they had another Labradoodle and a fully fenced in yard was a huge bonus!
Not only will Clary be living with another Labradoodle but two cats as well!  A son in college and a teenaged high school daughter will provide lots of attention and snuggles for Clary.  Having another doodle to chase round and round their fenced yard is icing on the cake!  We are all thrilled for how this all turned out.  The best part is that they live literally ten minutes from my home.  I want to pinch myself! Thanks so much Fall family for taking the time to really think this through for the benefit of Clary.  Wahoo!! 


  • Date of Birth:  11/28/17.  A mating from Great Rock's Emmett, a dark apricot mini and Great Rock's Lilly, a chocolate/White Tuxedo patterned medium sized female.  Neither parent shed.  Clary is about 17 inches and 25 lbs.  Clary's Color/Pattern DNA is BbEe, KB/KB, at/at, S/Sp.  Clary is a black and white Abstract with white on her feet, tail tip, chest, head splash and muzzle.  Very similar to a tuxedo pattern.

  • Cleared By Parents for:  Exercised Induced Collapse, Progressive Rod Atrophy, Incorrect Coat, von Willebrand's Disease and Degenerative Myelopathy.

  • Thyroid:  Normal on 12/20/18.  OFA#HY-TH547/12F-PI.  TgAA is 1.

  • Patellae:  Normal on 12/4/18.  OFA#HY-PA2172/12F/P-VPI

  • Leg-Calves-Perthes:  Done on 12/6/18 is Normal.  OFA#HY-LP90/12F-VPI

  • Eye Exam:  Normal on 11/27/18.  OFA#HY-EYE1729/11F-VPI

  • Hip Structure:  PennHIP at a year of age is .54/.48. Dr. Wallace eVet rated her as 'Good' with normal Elbows.

  • Heart - Done on 10/28/17.  Auscultation and ECHOcardiogram are Normal.


Words from Clary’s guardians...

Clary joined our family in March of 2018.  We have loved her dearly from the minute she walked through the door.  Her unstoppable enthusiasm for life and constant love brighten every day.  She even smiles.

She adores our 5 year old doodle, Willy and wants to do everything he does and be with him all the time.  Her favorite game is to steal Willy’s beloved ball just so she can get him to chase her round and round the house. 

She loves playing in the snow – I never seen a dog so happy to bound about in it.  We call her the snow princess, when she finally tires of playing in it and comes in adorned with it.   

She a very pretty girl (especially her unique eyes that each are partially sky blue) with the softest silky hair and her personality is just wonderful.  She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body.   She is great with all people, young and old and is super easy going with other animals, including our two cats.  Sometimes she even shares her bed with them.