I am so delighted that Brinkley has passed her testing and will hopefully produce sweet puppies that are just like her and her Momma, Daisy who is now retired.  Daisy is my velcro doodle and is extremely loving, sweet and tolerant.  It is this exact type of temperament that Labradoodles are so well known for.  Surely, both of her daughters, Ms. Sadie Benz and Brinkley will follow in her pawsteps :+)


  • DOB:  Thursday, July 5, 2018 out of Labradoodledoo's Wyatt Slurp and ADNE Pine Lodge Daisy Mae Duke.

  • Size/Color/Coat:  17 1/2 inches and 30 lbs. at one year.  Color DNA is Bbee - Cream, wavy fleece/hair non-shedding combo. Brinkley carries for cream/black/chocolate. She also carries for the parti gene. 

  • PRA Eye Disease - Normal through GenSol Labs

  • CERF - Normal 4/17/15, 10/9/16

  • von Willandbrand Disease - Normal through DDC Labs

  • EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) - Carrier through DDC Labs

  • DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) - Normal through DDC Labs

  • Hips - PennHIP done at a year is .43/.54.  eVet Hip Prelims is rated as 'Excellent.'

  • Elbows - eVet Prelims are Normal.

  • Patellar Luxation - Normal. OFA#: HYPA2757/13F/P-VPI

  • Legg-Calves-Perthes - Normal. OFA#: HY-LP159/13F-VPI

  • ECHOcardiogram - Normal 4/19/16 through Canine Cardiologist. OFA HY-CA1549/16M/C-VPI-ECHO

  • Thyroid and Blood Chemistries are Normal through Dr. Dodds - HML#138513 on 9/8/19

  • IC - Normal through DDC Labs. Daisy does not carry the Incorrect Coat gene.


We were hesitant to get another dog only a short while after losing both our beloved 14 yr. old mini Labradoodles, Puck and Riley.  But, our daughter, who was a guardian for a year-old ADNE pup, encouraged us to consider looking at a gorgeous female for whom Joyce needed a guardian home.  Once we saw and held Brinkley, we were smitten.

We were familiar with the breed, so knew in that sense she was a perfect fit.  Brinkley's manageable size means she can curl up on a chair with me to read or watch TV.  She is sturdy and strong enough to enjoy walks and hikes, but if e have inclement weather and can't get a good walk in, she easily adapts without being antsy or fretful.  She loves a good romp with other dogs and was a standout pupil in dog training class.  Her groomer adores her.  Brinkley loves water, whether in a bath or swimming in the lake.  She is a good rider who enjoys both car and boat rides.  Her overall temperament is even and mellow.


Brinkley will alert us with a sharp bark if someone approaches out home, but then settles once she's done her job.  We love her wavy non shedding coat that draws everyone to pet her, which she relishes.  We have three young granddaughters and Brinkley is wonderful with them.  She is always ready to engage in a game of catch or chase, but also quick to settle and just cuddle.


We were unfamiliar with guardianship until our daughter contracted with ADNE for her doodle, Sadie.  We were able to observe how that worked - and how well it worked - with considerate and cooperative partners.  So, we agreed to sign on and thus far it has been a seamless partnership. We couldn't be happier with Brinkley and we can't imagine our home without her.

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