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Winnie McPhee

When the Brinkley x Diesel litter was born, I was hoping there would be a female pup that was black as night as I REALLY wanted a black female to join our home.  I was thrilled when Winnie presented herself and stole my heart with her tiny flashes of white on her chin and chest just like her daddy.  I felt this litter would have the amazing temperaments of their parents and I was right.  :+)

As a young pup, Winnie had a wonderfully gentle and sweet nature - just what I was looking for.  Her coat of silky waves was an additional bonus.

She loves to snuggle with you and her 'bushy' muzzle is in my face giving me tiny kisses every morning like a fuzzy alarm clock.  :+)

Winnie continued to impress me with her sensitivity, willingness to respect and understand her place in our doodle hierarchy and follow the rules.  She loves most dogs as her nature is to follow, not lead.  She enjoys people once she feels comfortable and safe. I like that she is discerning and does not run up to anyone and jump on them for attention. A pet peeve of mine!!

Winnie is always willing to cuddle and welcomes me to MY bed anytime of the day! Her name is derived from two movies - Winnie the Pooh and Nanny Mc Phee both lovable characters like she is.


  • DOB:  December 11, 2021 from a mating of ADNE Christie Brinkley and ADNE vin Diesel

  • Color DNA is BbEe, KB/Ky, S/Sp, at/at.  Carries for Parti and can produce Phantoms.

  • Hips & Elbows: Done 1/23/23 - eVet prelim hips is: Excellent #586503; PH- .53/.57.  Patellae alignment is NORMAL​

  • OFA Elbows on 1/23/23 are NORMAL.  OFA certificate #HY-PA7692/13F/P-PI  

  • OFA Eye Certification: Pending.

  • OFA Leggs Calves-Perthes on 1/23/23 is NORMAL. Certificate #HY-LP5121/13F-PI

  • OFA Cardiac:  Pending

  • Thyroid - Done on 1/3/23 by Hemolife HML #174342 is NORMAL.  TgAA is 2 and NORMAL.

  • Chondrodysplasia (CDPA) is NORMAL.  (Paw Print Genetics #301464)

  • IC Locus is Carrier. (Paw Print Genetics #301464)

  • IVDD is NORMAL.  (Paw Print Genetics #301464)

  • EIC (Exercised Induced Collapse) is: NORMAL through GenSol Diagnostics - #319234

  • Cleared by Parental DNA Clearances for:
    Progressive Rod Atrophy, Degenerative Myopathy, and von Willebrand's Disease.

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